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If you got long nails it can be difficult to remove your contact lenses with your hands, so you can try this life-hack. Take a Q-tip, fold it in the middle and use it as soft tongs to gently remove your contact lenses.
You can make your eyelashes look more voluminous and by coating them with a layer of Vaseline before applying mascara. You can also heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer and then lift your lashes.
For a quick perfect eyebrow look simply coat your lashes with some Vaseline and then tap some loose brown eyeshadow on top. Finally, wipe the excess away and voila.
When you are looking to make your eyeshadow look flawless, you can apply some concealer on the sides of a card and then apply it to your eyes. Thus, creating some sort of winged eyeshadow look.
I also show you some beautiful hair hacks you can try that will help you get rid of split ends, and even brassiness.
If you don’t want to cause any damage to your hair, you can naturally curl it using a pair of old tights. You simply part your hair and then use is part of the tights to braid them on the sides.
Watch until the end to find out all of my natural skincare masks you can try at home.

0:32 – How to get full lashes
1:44 – How to fix over-grown nail polish
4:16 – Brilliant eyebrow tutorial
6:01 – How to remove brassiness from your hair
8:06 – Thin lips? Try this hack
9:49 – DIY face mist for waterproof makeup
12:17 – Easy natural looking freckles
14:13 – How to eliminate dark circles


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