Makeup Hacks

23 Top Secret Makeup Tricks No Man Should Know

Mysterious makeup ideas that work wonders

Getting better at makeup with simple techniques is something all makeup lovers and beauty gurus strive for. So, to make things easier for you I show you some smart ways to apply a full face of makeup using new techniques.
– To make your eyeshadow pop, apply some white eyeliner on your eyelid and then apply your eyeshadow on top.
– I show you the difference between bb cream, cc cream, and dd cream when you apply makeup and how much coverage you get.- To get rid of mascara marks on your eyelid, apply some concealer on top instead. This will prevent you from ruining your eye-look and then redoing it.
– For those times that you are wearing waterproof makeup, I show you how it is removed using different methods, such as coconut oil, makeup remover, micellar water, and makeup remover gel.- To give a clear idea of how the foundation works with different creams and your skin, I created a few experiments using different oils and face primers in order to help you understand the impact of different products on your skin.

0:07 – Tricks you didn’t know about makeup
0:37 – What coverage you get with each cream
1:17 – Pore stripes vs peel-off mask
2:06 – Water-based foundation vs oil-based foundation
3:13 – How much oil your foundation contains
6:08 – How eyeliner can become waterproof
7:29 – Slimmer nose contouring tips
8:58 – How to overline your lips
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