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You Can Find Self-Care Online Thanks to These 6 Instagram Accounts

Just because self-care is becoming more prevalent in today’s society, that doesn’t mean it’s a trend. It’s not like celery juice or the latest diet; it’s a necessity for our well-being. Self-care looks different for everyone — my practices may include journaling and gym sessions, while yours might include face masks and meditation — but it all has the same goal: to avoid burnout, with symptoms and signs like physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy.

Self-care has many different components. According to one professional in the wellness sphere and speaker on traumatic stress, Olga Phoenix, MPA, self-care is made up of six parts: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, and professional. “Each dimension represents a part of our lives which requires our daily attention,” she told POPSUGAR in a previous interview. To achieve happiness and manage stress, it’s important to improve these aspect of our lives. For example, taking breaks at the office would fall under the professional dimension; reconnecting with old friends or compartmentalizing our goals would be personal.

We typically don’t associate social media with self-care. After all, one way to find peace after a long day is to unplug. But what if we said you could practice taking care of yourself or find inspiration to do so, via Instagram of all things? Ahead, check out accounts that promote just that — one for each of these six self-care dimensions. If those aren’t your style, here’s a list of wellness apps to try. Let’s focus on ourselves, shall we?

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