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Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Reveals Everything She Knows About Staying Strong Under Pressure

Once she qualified for the Olympics, Johnson’s schedule became even more grueling. At the peak of her Olympic training, she spent more than 30 hours a week practicing her routines in the gym, five hours a week doing cardio at a fitness center, and five hours a week with a physical therapist. “Honestly, training never stopped,” she said. “What I ate, how I slept, what I did in my free time all revolved around getting myself ready for practice.” Johnson did everything possible to keep herself in tip-top shape, from choosing nutritious lunches to keeping her teeth protected and healthy by brushing with Pronamel® Strong & Bright Enamel.

When it comes to the Olympics, “There is no mercy physically, mentally, [or] emotionally,” Johnson said. “Whether it’s the judges, your opponents, the audience, the commentators, your own mind, or your body, everything is a test of strength.” Though she now looks back at the 2008 Summer Games as one of the most trying times in her life, Johnson knows that the experience made her stronger. “When you make it through that, you realize that there is nothing in this world that you can’t handle.”

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